bugling back

"John you are Good...yep a little Wildeats Burger Dust dry rub! Made a already great tasting meal even better! Thanks for looking after all us Organic Wild game eaters buddy! Your products are the best on the market hands down! Wildeats Enterprises boys and girls are the Only Dry rubs used in the Brimmer house and camp!!"

Matt Brimmer
Sitka Pro Staff, Waterfowl Guide
National Elk Calling Finalist

Hi John,
I don't know if you remember me from Placerville in October 2010.  I picked up some of the Chili burn mix then and played around with at home and loved it.  I ordered some since I still had a bit of elk meat left.  I made a nice big pot of chili for the King of Brentwood Cook-off. 

I won it, First Place in Chili.  It is good stuff.
Now I have to see how good it is with beef & pork since I am out of Elk until next year.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product!
Thomas Sharp

Hi John,
 I’m sure you wouldn’t remember us but my husband Dan and I first met you a long time ago at the Sportsmen’s Show in the Kingdome in Seattle. You were just starting out and we have been purchasing your products ever since.  I just put in an order a little while ago!  We love your rubs, give them to friends as gifts and tell everyone to go to your website if they want a truly exceptional rub.  Grocery store rubs do not come close to what you have created.  I have never been much of a meat eater, preferring seafood, but when Dan makes venison chili with your Controlled Chili Burn or pork with your Lemon, Garlic & Sage, I almost cannot stop eating it!  I live in fear when you will one day retire and I will no longer have access to these amazing products.  Please tell me you have a son or someone else who will take over when you get to that point!
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed your products all these years.  Tonight is Filet Mignon with Juniperberry & Peppercorn for Dan and Coho Salmon for me with of course, your fabulous San Francisco Fish rub!
Kindest regards to you and your family and our many, many thanks.
Dan and Dena
Seabeck, WA

"Good morning Dane and congratulations once again on your recent elk.  I’ve attached a link below to the place where I get the rub that I was telling you about.  The rub that I’ve been addicted to since 1995 is the “Juniperberry & Peppercorn Steak Rub”.  I put it on all my elk and deer.  Most recently, I’ve also been incorporating a generous amount in, and on, my burgers as well as meatloaf.  It is a fantastic product, as is everything else that I’ve tried from Chef John McGannon at Wildeats.  I order it in the large commercial sized containers and keep it in the freezer right next to the elk and venison.  I tenderize the meat on both sides, then coat it generously with the rub and press the rub in to the meat.  The “pressing” is important as it puts the rub “in” the meat rather than simply “on” the meat.  Afterwards, I put the seasoned meat in a ziplock bag with some olive oil and let it marinate for an hour or two in the fridge.  Lastly, it gets grilled, normally outside on my grill, but occasionally inside on a corrugated grilling pan that I have.  The end result is nothing short of spectacular.  Give it a shot, I’m sure you will enjoy it." 

Lee Jenkerson

Thanks for the kind words Lee and Dane WELCOME to TEAM WildEats!